Lady is my 4-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She is an extremely active dog and was always healthy until she suffered from a heat stroke and collapsing trachea. Since then Dr Melvin Tan has been monitoring her and making sure that she is well and healthy.

I first came across West Coast Vetcare through a close friend who introduced me to Dr Tan. Through my interactions, I found Dr. Tan to be a dedicated, caring and very patient doctor. For the past 2 years, Dr Tan has been very attentive to Lady, who unfortunately has various complications other than her problematic breathing issues. She frequently has skin irritations and allergies. Whenever I have any doubts about Lady’s condition, I feel secure to know that Dr Tan is only a phone call away. He always provides me with professional help and guidance. He even helped us to formulate a diet plan to solve Lady’s skin issues and this has helped Lady tremendously. Additionally, he was very meticulous and thorough in cleaning Lady’s teeth to prevent decay and to maintain overall oral hygiene.

Unlike other clinics that I have been to, I am extremely impressed with West Coast Vetcare’s cleanliness and hygiene as the clinic is practically malodour-free. In addition, the nurses at the clinic are very friendly and helpful, especially Paul and Haziq. Whenever we visit the clinic, Lady can be hyperactive which causes her to have a fever but thankfully, the nurses are always patient with her and handle her very gently.

Dr Melvin Tan is one of the best vets that I have ever met and he is extremely passionate and professional about his job. If you ever have any issues with your pet, I strongly recommend West Coast Vetcare. They are one of the best clinics in town. I’m very grateful and thankful to have come across this wonderful team!

- Kathleen Chen

I’d like to thank both vets, Dr Melvin and Dr Liang, and their team for their dedication to all of my rescue dogs.
Not only both your time and dedication towards my rescued dogs, your clinic is one of the most ethical vets around that only suggests important tests that need to be run! No unneccessary costs involved! Most importantly your rates are extremely reasonable.
Thumbs up for the good job done each time and everytime.
I am very happy with the service and always a returning customer.

- Dawn Lim

We brought our dog who was diagnosed with toe cancer (malignant melanoma). Following advice from another vet who told us to amputate our dog’s entire hind leg, I decided to see Dr Melvin Tan for a second opinion. Boy were we glad we did. He told us that he was able to only amputate one of his digits, enabling our dog to continue to move around normally. We had very clear pre and post-op instructions. He even showed us some research done on a vaccine that helps slow down the spread of the aggressive cancer cells and got us in touch with another veterinary hospital to help administer the injections. I would highly recommend bringing your pet to West Coast Vetcare. Thanks for everything guys!

- Jon Lee

Dr Liang is very patient and gives good advice for my furkid who is having difficulties walking. Min Min’s condition has improved greatly and she is feeling much better now. Very thankful to Dr Liang and her team in helping Min Min to recover. I rate my overall experience at West Coast Vetcare as very good.

- Sheila Kwek